Heart of Louisiana Credit Union is hosting its annual Shred Day!!

Join us Tuesday, May 22, 2018 at our Edgewood branch from 11 AM - 1 PM to securely dispose of outdated files and mail.

You know the importance of shredding junk mail and credit card offers. But have you thought about what might be in your own home that an identity thief could find useful?

Credit card bills, bank statements, canceled checks, receipts, credit reports, insurance policies, travel itineraries, used airline tickets, utility bills, credit and identification cards or badges, pay stubs … The list could go on, but you probably get the idea. Anything that has your name or any other personally identifying piece of information could provide an opportunity if obtained and used by an identity thief.

Just like junk mail and credit card offers, household paperwork should be considered for shredding. Anything that expires should be immediately shredded. For everything else, don’t shred the bill until your payment clears your account or until your receipt matches your bill.

Of course, not everything should be shredded. Keep anything with long-term implications, such as paperwork that is related to taxes, home improvements, business expenses, and marriage licenses, birth certificates, or receipts for large purchases.

One recommendation is to keep bills for at least a year and then annually determine what to shred and what to keep. If you have specific questions about what you should shred or keep, contact your accountant or financial adviser.

This Shred Day is a free service for all community members. Please limit boxes to 5 per vehicle.

Heart of Louisiana Credit Union