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Our Team

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Lending & Member Service
Heather Chief Lending Officer 318-619-1912
Kevin Business Lending Officer 318-619-1958
Kim Operations Manager 318-619-1942
Diamond Member Relationship Manager 318-619-1902
Bruce Quality Control Underwriter 318-619-1954
Laura Quality Control Underwriter 318-619-1914
Susan Mortgage Loan Officer 318-619-1913
Shelly Business Lending Assistant 318-619-1918
Member Care Center
Bobbie Member Care Center Supervisor 318-619-1961
Andrea Member Care Specialist 318-619-1964
Deborah Member Care Specialist 318-619-1963
Commerce Branch
Lynn Branch Manager 318-619-1960
Laminda Teller 318-619-1929
Sheryl Teller 318-619-1933
Libby Teller 318-619-1930
Coliseum Branch
Melani Family Financial Officer 318-619-1923
Nikki Family Financial Officer 318-619-1911
Vickey Teller 318-619-1932
Edgewood Branch
Heather Family Financial Officer 318-619-1935
Teena Head Teller 318-619-1936
Lindsey Teller 318-619-1927
Amanda Teller 318-619-1926
Stacey Collections Manager 318-619-1952
Elizabeth Marketing Director 318-715-9192
Desiree Chief Financial Officer 318-619-1909
Kendra Accounting Specialist 318-619-1908
Sheila Accounting Specialist 318-619-1910
Human Resources
Valarie Vice President of Human Resources 318-619-1922
Angie Employee Development Manager 318-619-1967
Cindy Chief Executive Officer 318-619-1905
Mike Vice President of Information Security 318-619-1907
Bobbie Internal Auditor 318-619-1925
Leann Executive Assistant 318-619-1901
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us at 800-264-4562. We’re happy to help.