Visa Check Card | Heart of Louisiana Credit Union

With our Visa Check Card you will be able to access your Completely FREE Checking Account anywhere you see the VISA logo. Your Check Card will also give you unlimited free purchases using your signature (point of sale transactions). As an added security for online shopping, all purchases can be guarded by Verified by VISA. 

  • Call 800-325-3678 if your Visa Check Card is lost or has been stolen.
  • Call 800-600-5249 if you have Visa Check Card transactions that you are disputing or believe are fraud.
  • Call 800-369-4887 if your Visa Check Card is declining when you try to make a purchase.

We partner with a Fraud Service Center that helps process any refunds and blocks any further fraudulant activity. 

Do you want an alert message by email or text message any time your card is used to make a purchase? Sign up for Visa Purchase Alerts at This free service also allows you to set up alerts for online and purchases made out of the country!

More benefits of a Visa Check Card:

  • Reduces the need to carry large amounts of cash
  • Reduces ATM usage, resulting in fewer surcharges 
  • Purchases are listed on your monthly statement so you can track your spending 
  • Keep track of purchases through Online Banking 
  • Safer than carrying cash or your checkbook



If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us at 800-264-4562. We're happy to help.


Usage rates from your mobile carrier may apply when using  Visa Purchase Alerts.